Josh Howard - Varsity Soccer Coach at Oak Park High School

"Jesse did a fantastic job supporting our athletes during our season. She was able to provide us with sessions that worked out our core, centered our mindset, and relieved our stress. The boys came away from each session relaxed, focused and rejuvenated. Jesse was great at making connections with the students and providing detailed instruction. We will continue to use her as a resource to enhance our students experience.”

Mackenzie - Crossfit Athlete & Yogi

"My CrossFit week would not be complete without at least one session of Yoga. It helps repair my tired muscles better than any mobility I have ever tried."

Don - Owner of NKC Crossfit

"MYyogaKC's yoga classes with Jenny and Jesse have provided NKC Crossfit athletes with the mobility they need to recover in between high intensity workouts.  As a result of this yoga program we've seen great strides in our flexibility, mobility and recovery.  Each class is designed according to the unique needs of our athletes based on the types of workouts they did during the week."

Linda Rae Chappell - Organizer for Unity Village Chapel's Women's Retreat

"Jesse is , quite simply, The Best!  At the end of the Retreat, Jesse led Chair Yoga for about 50 women in attendance, whose ages ranged from mid-twenties to mid-eighties.  The response was overwhelmingly positive! Many women came up to me afterwards to tell me that they felt rejuvenated after the delightful Chair Yoga session.  She was patient and peaceful leading us through the yoga sessions, encouraging us constantly and honoring our sacred space.  Looking ahead to next year, everyone agrees we want Jesse back!"