Yoga for you and to you

Are you a yoga newbie that doesn't want to start out in a class or maybe you prefer the comfort of your own home? Are you an athlete that wants a specific practice based on your individual needs? Are you a yoga vet who is looking for a personalized push? Is it too hard to get regularly scheduled classes into your busy schedule but want to keep up with your practice? 

Check us out.  We can bring it all.  The teacher, the props, the music, the expertise.  Let us help you grow.  


Private Yoga

Instruction like you've never had before, with an instructor getting to know you and your body's needs.  

We can accomodate private classes, couples, small groups, etc.  


Starting at $75/hour

Small Groups
Starting at $40/per person

*Rates may vary - Contact Us for more detailed pricing

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