WORK IT.....Creating More Than Wellness in the Workplace

Originally published: April 2015

I broke up with a corporation several years ago.  Though I LOVED that job, the stress brought on several issues that were not good.  I developed celiac disease, anxiety, weight gain (then subsequent loss), my first grey hairs (EEK!!!) and worst of all I noticed my entire outlook and attitude had changed.  Instead of seeing the positive and expecting it, I had begun to always expect the worst.  This affected my relationships at work, at home and my overall well-being. I realized the stress had gotten to be too much and I needed to make a change and make it quick.  

After taking some time to work on a couple side projects, I began to work for another small company.  It was a much more relaxed environment which encouraged taking time for wellness and fun. I began to teach yoga twice a week in the office, during that mid-afternoon lull around 2pm.  The turnout among employees was great and even those hesitant to try realized the movement, breath and break during the day brought us all back energized and ready to focus.

That was really when my journey of teaching yoga began - I knew the benefits in my own life and quickly realized what could be done by learning more, earning my 200HR CYT and continuing to teach yoga on location.  It's an activity that is about so much more than wellness; it's about stress reduction, attitude shifts, productivity and bonding among a team.  

Yoga Journal offers a great article on businesses incorporating yoga classes into their culture - you can check that out here: "Incorporating Yoga in the Workplace"

If you're curious about bringing yoga to YOUR workplace - drop us a note!  We can work together to customize a yoga plan for you and your team.