The Kansas City Yoga Kula

On International Women’s Day I posted a video (see below) of how I felt about women in my life, women as we get older and how we can help our girls and boys support one another from an earlier age. Sometimes writing words down isn’t enough - sometimes I have to say what’s on my mind right then and there.

Thoughts on International Women's Day - Forgive the fact my head is so giant - I am still trying to figure out how to work this stuff :)

But this one has been stewing for some time and writing it out seemed to better organize my often distracted, partially thought out thoughts.  I've been trying to get out the good things when I think them - it only breeds more good things so here it goes.....

Prior to my yoga life, I came from a competitive industry that was male dominated. I attended social functions where I might be one of maybe five women in the room and they were there to organize the party and hand out name tags (I can give you a guess as to who owned that golf club in upstate NY....go on, you know).  Competing with or fighting for recognition, raises, programming dollars, to get taken seriously, was a daily thing. I was good at my job and some of it I really enjoyed. I enjoyed working hard at something I believed in and making it happen in spite of the odds.  I learned a lot.  I learned that if you don’t ask the answer will always be no, I learned how to better deal with conflict and stand up for myself.

Part of what drew me to yoga was the community, or kula, aspect of it.  Yogis supported each other, people weren’t there to judge you but to lift you.  That was appealing and drew me in. I wanted to be part of a community like that.  When I began my journey into teaching yoga I didn’t always feel that supported or encouraged but as I have dove deeper into the KC yoga community I am constantly overwhelmed with the love and support.  Part of my problem in the beginning was the expectation I had that everyone WAS competing. For students, for gigs, for money, for talent.  Once I let go of that habitual thought process I had grown accustomed to I saw that this community is, indeed, rooted in love. SO. MUCH. LOVE.  

Other teachers, other studios, other programs are in constant, genuine, support and love of one another.  It continuously amazes me how when hearts are pure, intentions are good and the priority of everyone is to give - just how big a heart can grow.

I am constantly in awe of how other teachers have supported me and my journey thus far.  The default spirit of this KC yoga community is to lift each other up, cover classes when life happens, encourage new endeavors and continuing education, creating groups for support and accountability….. The list is endless and overwhelming in the best possible way.   

It leaves me feeling, so lucky. I know I’m in the right spot now.  I am no longer fighting to compete and get my dues. I am fighting to shine brighter, to give more, to spread this goodness and encouragement.  The world needs that more than ever.  Thank you KC yoga community for all you have done, all that you are and all that is to come.  I am forever grateful.